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POLYELAST® delivers semifinished plastic products with exceptional, outstanding product characteristics in practice related dimensions – the result of professional competence that has grown over more than four decades.

Under the trade name POLYELAST®, you will find a large, precisely differentiated and practical product range with regards to the coordination of measurements and raw materials.

We supply round bars, hollow rods, plates and blanks with reliable product properties customized to your requirements.

Under the trade name POLYELAST®PUR we manufacture polyurethane by gravity casting in the hardness range from 65° to 93° Shore A, a product highly valued for its elastic restorative capacity.

We make every effort in choosing raw materials and assuring quality to guarantee a high level of efficiency and application safety, alongside constant product quality – also for your client.

Ask for the POLYELAST® delivery program of plastic semi-finished products. We keep an extensive range of products described in detail in this brochure in stock ready for shipment. Professional consultations and good customer service are a basic component of the scope of supplies. Even small quantities and blanks according to your specific dimensions are also available under reasonable conditions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.