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Product Features
POLYELAST®PS types – Polystyrol
Exceptional, extensive product properties – including, impact resistant, stiff to flexible, high form stability, low vibration, approved for food and suitable for printing – representative for a universal range of applications.
POLYELAST®PA types – Polyamide
Optimal combination of mechanical strength, stiffness, viscosity, good wear properties, as well as good electrical and chemical properties; universal material for construction and maintenance.
POLYELAST®POM types – Polyacetal
Well suited to processing on automatic lathes, especially for the manufacture of mechanical precision parts.
POLYELAST®PETP types – Polyäthylene terephtalate
Good thermoplastic properties: high mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness. Good sliding abilities with high wear resistance and physiologically harmless with high dimensional stability when set up as PETP GLS; ideal for mechanical precision and wear parts.
POLYELAST®TPE types – Thermoplastic elastomer
Our TPE-WGLS is a high quality multi-purpose material with a very interesting property profile, e.g. good elasticity, high viscosity, good abrasion resistance. It is chemically resistant, even against oil, hydraulic fluids and fuels. Application range up to +120 °C.
POLYELAST®PPS types – Polyphenylene sulphide
A chemically stable, very strong and stiff material. It is characterized by its outstanding hydrolytic stability: almost unlimited capability of steam sterilization, not easily flammable, but self-extinguishing, well suited for technical equipment.
POLYELAST®PEEK types – Polyetherether ketone
Ideal substance for applications where high levels of performance are demanded under extreme conditions relating to temperature, chemicals, high-energy radiation etc.
These are formulas developed by us for particularly high requirements: High-performance substances for very special applications, customized for the intended use in cooperation with the client.
POLYELAST®PUR types – Polyurethane elastomere
In gravity casting with our own mould making, we vulcanize polyurethane in a hardness range from 65° to 93° Shore A, including POLYELAST®PUR for metal and plastic connections. Properties: High tensile strength in combination with high breaking elongation and a high modulus of elasticity, very good wear resistance, good restoration properties, high flexibility and good damping capacity.